Good Speakers Are Hard To Find. But We Know Two.

Donald L. Ferris, is a 26 year veteran Web Designer and Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, would like to offer your organization, a no-cost, no-obligation. 35 minute workshop presenting street-smart marketing tips on “How To Get Off the Marketing-By-The-Moment”, or the “Marketing-By-Event” Treadmill, and learn How To Approach Marketing Your Business Like a System.
You (and your key staff) need to learn the master principles and marketing strategies to effectively position your business in the marketplace, so that you become the obvious choice for the product or service you sell.

About Us

Boston Business Builders, LLC., is a small business marketing and consulting firm specializing in helping business owners discover their true market places – the places where fully qualified customers actually live. We teach you how to plan and grow your businesses properly so they can run and maintain themselves with minimal assistance – so you can have a real life again.
Don is a certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach and Duct Tape Marketing Coach. Their presentations will incorporate principles from both affiliations.
If there’s one thing small business owners are constantly looking for, it’s ways to improve – and grow – their businesses.

Please contact us online or at at (508) 833-9931 and we will work with you to schedule a convenient time and place to hold the workshop, and answer any questions you may have. 

We look forward to working with you to help dramatically grow your small businesses!