What do you see as some of the risks with company blogs? 

ANSWER: “There are 3 big risks with company blogs.” 

“The first is not being honest. Or pretending to be something that you are not. There have been several examples where companies have paid others to blog for them. Then it is exposed that they were sponsoring the site. Make sure that your blogs reflect the honest facts and truth of your company values.” 

“Second is not listening. I think not listening is worse than not even asking. I have worked with companies who put feedback tactics in place but then ignored the feedback. Businesses no longer hold absolute sway over the decisions and behavior of consumers.” 

“And finally, it is consistency. Developing, planning and maintaining a good blog takes a great deal of time. You must be realistic about the number of posts needed to keep the online relationship with readers alive. This is a commitment. You need to understand how much time it takes not only to set it up but to keep it current and exciting. You must keep building your readership and online relationships”