All About Keywords

Keywords are the words that people will think of when trying to describe your type of product or service.

Selecting effective keywords should be the first step for anyone planning to build a high ranking Web site. After all, it makes no sense obtaining a good search engine placement for keywords that rarely will be used by anyone.

“Some people make it to the top of search engines and get lots of traffic. Others do the same exact work/service, but get nothing. Why? Simple. The first group selected keywords that many people are searching for, – while the second group did not!”

But how are you supposed to know what keywords to optimize for? How can you figure out which keywords are the most popular among those looking to buy your product or read your site? What exactly are all those people typing into the search box?

Understanding keywords

Before you start to brainstorm your list of keywords and keyword phrases, it is important to understand in general how people uses keywords. One important thing to notice is that most people don’t just enter single keywords into the search box. They are using “keyword phrases”.

Instead of just searching for single keywords like “books”, most people will search for keyword phrases like “search engine books”, search engine optimization books” or “books about search engine placement”.

This is important to understand when you select keywords for your own site. Keyword combinations can be much more effective compared to single keywords.

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