The E-Myth Revisited

by dferris 27. December 2012 23:51

In The E-Myth Revisited, business development guru Michael Gerber speaks to all business owners who have ever felt like there must be something that successful business owners know – that they don’t.

 He speaks to business owners who are frustrated by inadequate income and lack of “good people.” He addresses business owners who find their businesses unmanageable, unpredictable, and unrewarding. He relates to business owners who assumed that being good at the technical work of a business would automatically make them capable of running a business that does that work.

 Gerber asserts that there are three identities within every business owner: the Entrepreneur – the “visionary” or “dreamer”; theManager – the planner or pragmatist; and the Technician – the doer. Furthermore, Gerber says the typical small business owner is 10% entrepreneur, 20% manager, and 70% technician. 
There is no balance!
When the technician is in control, a business owner does not own a business. He owns a job – a very demanding job. This is where most businesses begin. In fact, Gerber suggests that there are four phases that every business goes through. 

Phase 1 is “Infancy: The Technician’s Phase.” In this phase, the owner does the technical work . . . and the bookkeeping, and the shipping, and the cleaning, and the marketing and sales.

If the business doesn’t fold in Phase 1, it enters Phase 2 – “Adolescence: Getting Some Help.” When he/she gets help (read: hires employees), the business owner then has personnel issues to deal with, and is faced with the need to generate more business to support the employees he or she has hired. So, the business owner finds him/herself in Phase 3 – “Beyond the Comfort Zone.”

And if the owner does not decide to “shrink” the business back to a more manageable size at this point, he/she moves on to Phase 4 – “Maturity and Entrepreneurial Perspective.” Here, the vision for the business is clearly defined, and there is a systematic way of conducting business. Finally, the owner has the free time and economic freedom he or she dreamed of when the business began.


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