Planning Session

The First Step in Creating Greater Value for Your Business  

Fact: The financial return to business owners is rarely much more than the hourly rate they pay their team members for doing equivalent work.
And, when the owners factor in their total time involvement in the business, they are frequently earning less than their employees. This is because they are spending too much time working IN their business rather than ON it.
Question: How do you as a business owner free yourself from such constraints? 
Answer: Start with a very broad approach to the whole purpose of the operation.
Therein lies the value of the Planning Session. 
We propose that, by extracting you from the technical work of the business long enough to focus on the business itself – starting with only one day – we can begin to make your business far more valuable to you.
You see, at the Planning Session, we help you to look at your business in a new way. It is the start of a process that can transform you from an overworked “employee-owner” to a successful entrepreneur. We will provoke you with such questions as:
·                    Do you actively set goals for your business?
·                    Is your business totally customer-focused?
·                    Have you built an effective team?
·                    Are your team members well-trained?
·                    Do you use available technology to control your business?
·                    Do you constantly seek out people and ideas that challenge your thinking and perspective?
·                    Do you focus on the activities that produce the results?
·                    Is your eye on the future? Are you an innovator?
Though you may not realize it, you have the answers to most of your own problems in business! As facilitators of your Planning Session, we will help you to discover them.
By critically thinking about and discussing questions such as these, you will begin to generate a Vision Statement for your business. The importance of this Vision cannot be stressed enough! If you think of a vision statement as “fluff” that you don’t have time to bother with, consider these questions:
·                    Do the owners of your business all agree on the purpose and direction of the organization?
·                    Does your company really have a unique or distinctive reputation?
·                    Do your people exude pride and commitment when they come to work?
·                    Are you still excited by risk and change?
·                    Are you keeping up with the changes in the environmental landscape in which you are operating?
If you can’t answer “yes” to these questions, we suggest you would be well-served by allocating some time and resources to working on a Vision for your company – and sharing it with your people.   
A good vision statement describes a clear picture of the future, compels you and your team members to act, is realistic, is focused, is flexible, and is easy to communicate. In other words, your Vision Statement will motivate you to propel your business toward a very specific end.
After the visioning portion of the Planning Session, we will generate a detailed Action Plan for you, with attainable goals and specific deadlines. You will be motivated by the challenge of meeting your own deadlines, and you will have our help and support.
We help you to identify and clarify the specific goals within your vision so that implementation doesn’t become just a list of time-consuming and confusing projects that don’t really help at all. And, we set up an “early yardage” strategy to set the stage for short-term wins because everyone needs concrete evidence of progress to remain motivated and excited about a project!
You will leave the Planning Session absolutely inspired to begin working ON your business. You will have the comfort of knowing that a professional team is standing behind you as your “coach.” 
And, most importantly, you have our guarantee that we will refund your investment in the Planning Session if you are not fully convinced of its value!